Photo of Cy Rawls

Welcome to CyTunes!

In July 2008, our friend and super music fan, Cy Rawls, got sick. Like many young Americans he did not have health insurance. We tried to raise money anyway we could. One thing we tried was we made CyTunes, a website where our friends in bands could upload music, we could sell it, and we'd use the money to help Cy. Cy passed away on October 3, 2008, before we could finish the project, so when we officially launched a few months later, in December, it was with the aim to raise money for the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center.

In October 2013, went down due to some issues with hosting and I told folks that I planned to bring it back soon in an archived, read-only format, where people could download any music they wanted, and then donate if they choose. I don't know about "soon", but was relaunched in April 2017 as a memorial to our friend, Cy, and all the people that pitched in to help him out.