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Cruise Control Pills

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Soup to Nuts
by Cruise Control Pills

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1.  A Broken Skier
2.  A Broken Skier Pt 2
3.  Tangled/Breeded
4.  Burned by the Sun
5.  El Guapo (Bilge)
6.  Non Sequitur
7.  Chuck & Bob
8.  Here for the Show
9.  I Let Go
10.  Castle-Hayne Gambit
11.  Inspector Monkey
12.  Aquaman's Deal
13.  Hours We Wait
14.  Drug Yacht
15.  Gotchalk
16.  Sunday Afternoon
17.  Surfee
18.  The Plumber's Wife
19.  Brown Sugar
20.  Maury Amsterdam Sandwich
21.  R.E.M.
22.  Sunlight
23.  A Hand so Small

Dave Bjorkback: drums & vocals Bill Patterson: bass & vocals Will Simmons: guitar, air organ & vocals Greg Walston: guitar

Tracks 1, 5, 8, 12, 16 & 22 recorded by Seth Moody at Baby Ace in the spring of '96. All other tracks recorded by Phil Money at Will's house in the fall of '96.

The Pills were from Wilmington, NC and together for just one year. Formed in Oct '95 and disbanded Oct of '96, after founding member Will Simmons moved on to greener pastures in sunny Pittsburgh, PA. Two original line-up reunions have taken place. The first was at Nutstock 2 in '03 and the other was in Oct of '05 at the wedding of Jennifer Greer and Dave Heller. I'm happy to say that Cy was at both of those shows. We had only recorded 6 of our songs when Will announced that he'd be splitting town. Three of these tracks were released as a 7", and all six on a cassette out on Bees Make Honey records. So, we decided to bring Phil Money and his mobile recording unit down from Richmond, VA to record everything else we had written. We knocked out all the tracks in a weekend, but only mixed a few of them, some of which were released on cassette on BMH and one on a split 7" with the legendary Analogue, out on Sit & Spin records. Several years later, we finally convinced P-Money to go back and finish mixing the rest of the tracks. He did so and sent them on to us. We then talked a good game of releasing the whole kit & kaboodle, but alas the project stalled and a proper release never materialized......until now! So, here it is at long last.....The Cruise Control Pills from Soup to Nuts. We miss you, Cy.

Dave Bjorkback: drums & vocals