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The Spinns

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Lost Colony
by The Spinns

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1.  Girl
2.  Let Me Down
3.  Love for Real
4.  1965
5.  Before I'm Gone
6.  Doin' Me In
7.  Lovin'
8.  Long John
9.  Keggs
10.  Evil Lies
11.  I Want You
12.  I Will See You
13.  Wild Man! / Bonus Track

Get Spun with The Spinns / by: John Staton / Star-News Correspondent

When I first heard Greensboro (Chapel Hill) rock 'n' rollers The Spinns, it was via cassette tape sent to me by drummer Josh Johnson. That he didn't even bother with a CD in this digital age says a lot about his band and its retro sound (and the fact that I have a car stereo that only plays cassettes probably says a lot about me.) The Spinns recall garage-rock bands such as The Zombies or The Animals, except meaner, nastier, edgier, rawer. Lead singer/guitarist Todd Colberg's vocals sound like his heart's been ripped out via his throat, and his riffs sound like something a young Link Wray would've smiled upon. Mr. Johnson's frenetic drumming are a perfect match, and after playing with several combos over the last couple of years the lineup has solidified with Rob Walsh punching bass. "I just got turned on to it in high school," says Mr. Johnson of the old-school garage sound. His passion extends to an extensive vinyl collection: "Every day you can find something new in the record bin and take it home, all fuzzed-out." "Fuzzed-out" isn't a bad way to describe The Spinns' sound, from originals ("Ow!" is a particularly invigorating track) to obscure covers by bands such as The Mummies, Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats and Larry & the Blue Notes. "It's not like we're gonna be coverin' The Rolling Stones," Mr. Johnson says. It should be a rockin' night....

Get Spun with The Spinns / by: John Staton / Star-News Correspondent